The State Bank of Drummond offers Debit, ATM and Credit cards for the consumer looking for accessibility, convenience and low cost options for their check less banking needs.


  • With an Instant Cash Card you may access your account anytime, 24hours a day, seven days a week. It can be used on both your savings or checking account and may be used at most ATM terminals in the world
  • There is no annual fee for this card
  • There is no charge for ATM withdrawals at machines owned by us
  • If you use a ATM that is not operated by us, you may incur a fee by the owner of the machine
  • There is a $15 fee to replace a lost card.
  • If you have lost or your card has been stolen, immediately call 1-800-535-8440 to report.


  • This debit card gives you access to your account without having to write a check which eliminates the hassle of showing multiple forms of identification and it can be used anywhere. Out-of-state or out-of-country
  • This card works just like the Instant Cash Card for ATM usage
  • Your monthly statement will show all transactions describing the location and amount in detail
  • This card will do everything a credit card will do except there will be no debt build up or fees associated with a credit card
  • If you have lost or your card has been stolen, immediately call 1-800-535-8440 to report.


  • Your pick of the cards of choice, either MasterCard or VISA
  • Both cards offer you the advantage of exceptional benefits, extra conveniences, and outstanding services that are available
  • Please contact the bank for an application and disclosure of terms


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